What is Cinema HoLa?


  • Movies that in some ways highlight aspects of Hispanic culture: whether serious, or just plain fun, HoLa Cinema is always relevant.
  • A place to bring your friends, or to come alone and meet new friends. 
  • An informal pre-movie gathering where Spanish-speaking is optional / a fun way to practice your Spanish if Spanish is not your native language. 
  • An opportunity for lively interactions about the movie in the post-film discussion. 
  • Great food, prepared especially for the occasion - sometimes a complete meal, or sometimes only dessert.
  • Always on the second Monday of the month, unless otherwise noted. 

Cinema HoLa


PBS Community Cinema


The Trials of Muhammed Ali   /  Las Pruebas de Muhammed Ali

Jueves, Febrero / Thursday, February 6

7 PM @ PBS Studio

Location:  PBS Studio (1611 East Magnolia Avenue)  

1 hr 26 min. Documentary/Biography

(May, 2013) USA

      This feature-length documentary covers Ali's toughest bout, his battle to overturn the five-year prison sentence he received for refusing U.S. military service. Trials is not a boxing film. It is a fight film tracing a formative period in Ali's life, one that is remarkably unknown to young people today and tragically neglected by those who remember him as a boxer, but overlook how controversial he was when he first took center stage. In English.

   PBS Studio, 1611 East Magnolia Ave, Downtown Knoxville This documentary and all others presented by PBS Community Cinema are part of the East TN PBS Independent Lens film series, a collection of documentaries made by independent filmmakers, with free film screenings at the local PBS studio. Called "Community Cinema," the series takes place in 95 cities and aims to bring together organizations and community members to learn about and discuss key social issues. Cinema HoLa collaborates with Community Cinema to bring together community members and supporters of both series.

     Este documental cubre la pelea más dura de Ali, su batalla para anular la sentencia de prisión por cinco años que recibió por rechazar el servicio militar EE.UU.. Las Pruebas no es una película de boxeo. Es una película de lucha trazando un período de la vida de Ali, un periodo que es desconocido por los jóvenes hoy dia y trágicamente descuidado por aquellos que lo recuerdan como un boxeador, pero pasa por alto lo controvertido que era la primera vez que tomó el centro del escenario. En Inglés.

   PBS Studio, 1611 East Magnolia Ave, Downtown Knoxville Este documental y todos los demás presentados por PBS Community Cinema son parte de East TN PBS Independent Lens ciclo de cine, una colección de documentales realizados por cineastas independientes, con proyecciones de películas gratuitas en el estudio local de PBS . Llamado "Community Cinema", la serie tiene lugar en 95 ciudades y tiene como objetivo reunir a organizaciones y miembros de la comunidad para aprender y discutir sobre temas sociales clave. Cine HoLa en colaboración con la comunidad Cinema para reunir a miembros de la comunidad y los patrocinadores de ambas series.

Director: Bill Siegel

Stars: Hana Ali, Khalilah 'Belinda' Ali, Muhammed Ali

 Program: Informal gathering. The movie starts at 7:00 pm and the bilingual discussion follows the movie. 

Facilitator:  PBS Community Cinema & Maria Clark

Cost: Free


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Call (865) 335-3358 by  February  4 or e-mail to CASAHOLA@holafestival.org