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Fantastic Scholarship Opportunity to attend LMU Duncan School of Law

Estimados Amigos,

My dear friend Bruce Beverly, Associate Professor of Law at Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), Duncan School of Law, has asked me to pass along some very exciting news and possibly what can be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity. LMU is offering unprecedented scholarship opportunities to Hispanic students. 

LMU Law will pay:

·        for an applicant to take the LSAT

·        upwards of 100% three year scholarships

·        for the Bar examination prep course

·        for the Bar examination and licensure. 

They have full and part-time programs, technological advantages, and full support from Lincoln Memorial University as our main collegiate support.  The next LSAT is June 9th, however, the deadline to sign up to take the LSAT is May 6th,  so time is of the essence.

Essentially, LMU Law School is offering – for successful LSAT test takers and folks with bachelor’s degrees -  an amazing chance to have their law degrees paid for, with an incredible amount of academic support and skills classes available.  LMU Law is always looking to increase their diversity, and would heartily welcome applicants from diverse racial and economic backgrounds. 

Please note: LMU is not looking just for the best test scores, but applicants with life experience and a willingness to help the underserved populations of Appalachia.  While currently LMU Law graduates would only be certified to sit for the Tennessee bar, and therefore only be able to practice in this state, the university is confident that they will secure ABA accreditation within the next three years, which would make any entering first year student’s degree from this school sufficient to allow that student to take the Bar in any state.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bruce. His contact information is below. Feel free to pass along this email to any you think might be interested. This is truly a GREAT opportunity!

Bruce L. Beverly, Attorney

Associate Professor of Law

Lincoln Memorial University, Duncan School of Law

601 West Summit Hill Drive

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902

(865) 545-5316

(865) 524-5290 Fax